Food Resilience

We support companies and territories in building local and resilient food strategies.

Dessiner un système alimentaire local durable

Our approach

We support companies and territories in building local and resilient food strategies.

We are convinced that the construction of local supply chains is an opportunity for companies and territories to secure their supplies, diversify their production and participate in the creation of local value (ecological commonalities, development of skills, local multiplier effect…). If today our territories do not manage to exceed an average autonomy of 2%, it is possible to quickly reach a score of 15% by identifying the “acupuncture points” on the territory. It is in particular by proposing a detailed vision of the food metabolism, in its flows and in its consumption practices, that we can mobilize the actors around the issues specific to each sector.


Our expertise

We mobilize our knowledge of the different territorial policies (climate, agriculture, economic development, environment), our detailed understanding of the food economic sectors and our capacity to lead the construction of shared roadmaps, enlightened by new local data:

  • Understanding of the territorial food metabolism (details of imports, production and exports for each food sector, translation of economic and environmental impacts, identification of local companies)
  • Study of consumer behavior (purchasing practices, nutritional issues, food insecurity, expectations regarding organic and local products, etc.)
  • Formulation of scenarios to build local supply chains, integrating nutritional and climatic issues: priority supply chains, relocation objectives at each link in the value chain, associated actions (land, logistics, industry, new distribution areas, etc.)
  • Implementation in territorial policies: climate, agriculture, economic development, environment, planning, school catering
  • Implementation in the company’s policies: purchasing strategy, diversification of production, link with the brand, innovation with the local ecosystem

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