UTOPIES believes in the power of the collective. Since its creation in 1993, the agency has been part of an ecosystem where everyone contributes to advancing awareness and practices. Partner firms, creative teams, service providers, start-ups, B Corp companies, so many players who share the same fervour and the same desire for progress in favour of humanist values and the environment.

Our partners

AIR coop

A cooperative of change entrepreneurs based in Annecy, we collaborate with them on issues related to tourism and sport.

Arcane Research

Online quantitative research institute partner for statistical surveys, in particular the Positive Brands Observatory®.

Fabcity Paris

Third place of demonstration, training and research whose mission is to make the transition of the city towards a productive and circular model.

Les Acteurs du Paris Durable

Network of actions participating in the ecological transition of Paris, carried out by individuals, groups of residents, co-ownerships, associations and professionals.

Look Sharp

A public relations agency specializing in social issues, it supports us in the dissemination of our positions.

Michel Barreteau

Graphic designer partner.

Mika de Brito

Our yoga teacher.

Philippe Zamora

The historical photographer of the Utopians.

Rever Consulting

Our joint venture in Sao Paulo, they are UTOPIES Brazil!


Geostatistical hybridization solution agency for geolocalized data to target marketing actions as close to the ground as possible.

Vara Permall

Vara joined the UTOPIES team in 2015 in the Sustainable Local Economies cluster. Based in Mauritius, she is involved in international footprint missions as well as in the development of modelling tools.

Vert Luisant

Our historical partner printing office.


UTOPIES is a management and digital consultancy partner for clients in the construction sector.


For three years, UTOPIES has been participating in the refugee-employee “co-training” programme of the association Kodiko, which supports the socio-professional integration of refugees in France and promotes the transmission of labour market codes.