At a time when flight shame is on the rise, the aviation industry has much to do to live up to the stakes it faces today; from mitigating its climate impact, in particular through innovation on engines and fuels, to optimizing its economic footprint as well as its impact on tourist development and the attractiveness of territories, all the way to reducing nuisances and other negative impacts on local communities while taking geopolitical issues into consideration.


From abating the environmental impact of industrial activities and sites to ensuring the safety of employees and local communities, addressing growing concerns for human health related to chemical cocktails, meeting new regulatory requirements, preventing biopiracy and moving toward green chemistry… The chemical industry must rise to the many challenges it faces today to reestablish public trust.


Consumer expectations for more sustainable modes of consumption are on the rise with regards to waste reduction, presenting the packaging industry with many challenges which we believe are as many opportunities for innovation; from reducing packaging volumes, eliminating single-use plastic, developing recycled and recyclable packaging all the way to shifting business models towards more circular modes of consumption such as refills, leasing, etc.

Health & Pharmacy

In rising to the many challenges which the health industry must face today, the sector must undergo a deep transformation, from addressing ethical issues (tests, side effects, patents, access to care, etc.) to diminishing the environmental impacts of operations and products at every step of their lifecycle (drug residues, packaging, management of unsold goods, etc.) while working to establish more sustainable business models (care vs prevention, global vs local, etc.).

Cars & Mobility

As public awareness of climate change grows and expectations for equal and inclusive access to mobility are on the rise, not to mention the demand for more road safety, our relationship to cars and mobility has been transformed. Today, the car industry has come to a crossroads. In the face of so many challenges, from reducing climate impact, to the rise of sustainable cities, the development of new engines, collaborative consumption practices and the advent of the functional economy, the automobile sector must reinvent itself.

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