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When it comes to corporate social responsibility, we believe that integrity is key. Hence, we make a point of practicing what we preach, from setting up our own eco-offices to crafting the company’s HR policy, we strive to make our agency a laboratory for the most cutting-edge CSR practices and a showcase of our strong convictions. For the last 21 years we have conducted a yearly internal survey to assess employee satisfaction on a range of over fifty items, guiding our efforts to continuously improve our team’s employee experience, efforts which continue to bear their fruit. In 2021, UTOPIES topped the French Great Place to Work ranking for companies with less than 50 employees for the second time.

For over 29 years, we have strived to embody our values on a daily basis.

download our 2020 Walk Our Talk report.


#BCORP – In 2014, UTOPIES became the 1st B Corp certified company in France. (For more details about our B Corp score check our 2020 Walk our Talk report). In 2022, we publish our SDG Action Manager, which links the B Corp assessment to the contribution to each UN Sustainable Development Goal.

#SOCIETEAMISSION – In 2020, UTOPIES modified its legal status to include a statement of purpose, enshrining the goals stated in our manifesto in legal terms in the wake of the PACTE Law, which grants businesses the opportunity to include a statement of societal purpose in their legal status since 2019, and thus become a société à mission.

#ESUS – In 2020, UTOPIES was granted the ESUS status (Entreprise solidaire d’utilité sociale), one of two new legal statuses for social and solidarity economy enterprises introduced by French legislators in 2014.

#THINKTANK – Since its inception in 1993, our team devotes up to 20% of its time to research, producing a steady output of publications on the cutting edge of CSR, all of which are freely available on our website.

#GREATPLACETOWORK – In 2018, UTOPIES participated in the French edition of the Great Place to Work survey for the first time, ranking #13 that year and reaching #1 in 2018, ranking #3 in 2020 and again #1 in 2021.

#CARBON – UTOPIES has signed the Paris Climate Action charter at platinum level and established a net zero carbon strategy by 2030. Discover here our action plan to achieve it. We compensate our residual carbon footprint each year via CO2 Solidaire and since 2019, via ClimateSeed.

#BIODIVERSITY – In 2020 UTOPIES joined the Act4Nature coalition which brings together companies committed to protecting biodiversity and we published our biodiversity action plan for 2025.

#1PERCENTFORTHEPLANET – In 2021, UTOPIES joined the 1% for the Planet movement concerning our climate and biodiversity offers.

#TELEWORK – Well before the Covid crisis, all employees who wished to do so could telework 2 days a week, and for those living away from Paris in the French provinces, up to 5 days a week. To further improve our team’s experience of teleworking, we recently published two short guides on positive teleworking and chair yoga which bring together best practices gleaned from our collective experience and a variety of workshops we have led on the topic.

#TIME UTOPIES accepts and even encourages part-time work (more than 10% of our workforce works a 4 day week), offering employees the opportunity to take a year of sabbatical leave every 4 years (as opposed to 6 years required by French law) after only 2 years at the company (as opposed to 3 years as per French law), an opportunity which many of our employees seize – to travel, work in NGOs, devote themselves to their passion, etc. In 2021, we are proud to announce we set up a new creative leave that grants employees paid time to devote to their art practice (professional or semi-professional), which will also be available to all our employees who wish to initiate an art project.

#PARENTING – Striking a good work-life balance can be a real challenge in corporate consulting. In 2018, we signed the Company Parenthood Charter, and in 2021, we increased parenthood leave for the second parent from 6 weeks (in force since 2019) to 12 weeks, which can be taken in two separate installments. We also extended our employees’ maternity leave by 2 weeks and created a new leave for our employees who are caretakers of a sick child or parent, as well as offering paid time off for special moments of the school year (back to school days, parent-teacher meetings, exams…) and paid leave for both the mother and second parent undertaking Medically Assisted Procreation…

#MASTERCLASSES – Something of an institution, UTOPIES’ masterclasses feature inspiring people invited to enlighten and challenge our team on a wide variety of topics, from personal development to trending topics on the cutting-edge of sustainability. Some of our most recent speakers include François Gemenne, Thomas d’Ansembourg, Florence Servan-Schreiber, Christophe André or Dominique Bourg. Since the pandemic, these masterclasses have been held online and made accessible to our ecosystem of friends, partners, and customers.

#TRANSPARENCY At UTOPIES, we strive to practice a style of management that is open, fair, and transparent with regard to compensation by implementing a 5:1 wage ratio within the company and publishing our salary grid on our website as well as by redistributing part of the company’s profit to our employees in the event of positive results (1/3 of profits are shared equally within the team). Finally, our 2021 gender equality index is 94/100.

#INITIATIVE – To foster a spirit of positive innovation within the company, UTOPIES encourages employees to develop the kinds of projects and offers that are close to their hearts, favoring internal promotion and encouraging its teams to get involved in the company’s think-tank activities and to undergo regular training.

#TEAM At UTOPIES we believe that to change the world we must first change ourselves, hence we strive to implement management processes that are aligned with our mission statement, offering coaching to our employees where necessary, welcoming new recruits warmly and providing them with efficient onboarding processes (shadow training for 3 months, internal sponsorship for newcomers, etc.), as well as offering a variety of team life moments (bi-monthly “Utopoint” meetings bringing together the entire team, weekly breakfasts which are open to students and potential candidates once a month, monthly “Utogood” sessions dedicated to exploring topics related to quality of life such as occupational therapy, hearing, herbal medicine, etc., as well as a variety of other teambuilding activities …). UTOPIES is also a signatory to the LGBT+ Charter of Commitment launched by L’Autre Cercle as well as to the Charter of Diversity.

#SOCIALENGAGEMENT – UTOPIES offers employees many opportunities to contribute to societal change beyond the scope of their work within the company, from opting into our payroll giving scheme conducted in collaboration with MicroDon since 2015, to dedicating 2 fully paid days of work a year to volunteer work alongside a variety of other opportunities to lend their skills to organizations working to effect positive societal impact. For instance, since 2018 UTOPIES has partnered with Kodiko, an organization which assists refugees in finding meaningful work in France, granting 5 of our consultants the opportunity to dedicate some of their work time to the professional development of refugees.

#SPORTS – Our HR policy offers a wide range of sports activities chosen by and for employees in order to enhance their quality of life. We have been offering free weekly yoga classes for over 10 years (biweekly since March 2020) and encourage sports practice on lunch breaks (via subsidized face-to-face and/or video classes), as well as the practice of Walking Meetings (see our dedicated guide).

#ECO-OFFICES – Our Paris office features FSC-labelled parquet flooring, furniture sourced from circular and responsible suppliers (Extramuros, Interface, Majencia), certified ecological office supplies and cleaning products, natural lighting and LED bulbs, green electricity (Enercoop), outdoor blinds to regulate temperature without air conditioning…

#LOCAL – 95% of our purchases are made from French suppliers, including 75% sourced from within a 200km radius from our offices. UTOPIES has set a target of 50% of local purchases from Paris or the Île-de-France region.

#MOBILITY – Travel by train is the rule wherever possible, the company vehicle is a hybrid car (Toyota Prius), bicycle couriers (Urban Cycle). Carbon offsetting of all air travel.

#DIGITAL – Our website is in the process of being retro-fitted to reduce its ecological footprint and our server is hosted by a cloud provider powered by renewable energies (OVH).

#SUPPLIERS – Our responsible procurement policy is laid out in UTOPIES’ internal charter, specifying the social and environmental criteria we consider when selecting suppliers. Furthermore, we also work on developing true partnership relations with our suppliers, for instance by proposing better compensation conditions for our independent service providers, providing payment within 30 days after the invoice date.

#ECOVADIS – In 2022, UTOPIES obtained the Ecovadis certification, category “Gold”. It is thus in the top 5% of companies rated by the platform, with a score of 70/100.